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Dai Yuan inspects market supplies, safety and emergency precautions 2018-09-30
Zou Yishi visits China-South Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park 2018-09-30
Yang Weida inspects the work safety during the National Day holiday 2018-09-29
Yancheng Institute of Technology marks its 60th anniversary of founding 2018-09-29
The exhibition of fine calligraphy and arts works celebrating the 40th ... 2018-09-28
Guo Wenqi visits Yancheng 2018-09-27
Dai Yuan visits Qapqal learning about Yancheng’s work in aiding Xinjiang 2018-09-26
Mid-Autumn Festival symposium of high-level talents is held 2018-09-22
Yancheng Eggs (Shanghai) Promotion Conference is held in Shanghai 2018-09-21
Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Agricultural Science and Yinbao Group joi... 2018-09-20
Yancheng CPPCC delegates go to Shanghai to study and inspect 2018-09-19
Dai Yuan inspects Chinese Express Shanghai Technology R&D Center 2018-09-18
Fengshan Group successfully lands on the A stock board 2018-09-18
Cao Wenxuan meets readers in Yancheng 2018-09-17
Yancheng tourism promotion meeting is held in Shanghai 2018-09-16
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