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Yancheng Sent a Delegation to Singapore and Malaysia for Investment Attraction
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  Jiang Wei, the vice mayor, led an economy and trade delegation to Singapore and Malaysia from June 25th to July 2nd. Special investment attraction events were held to introduce and recommend our work on coastal opening-up and development, which has achieve good effects.
    In the afternoon of June 28th, 2017 Yancheng (Singapore) Coastal Development and Industrial Investment Cooperation Conference was held in Singapore. More than Singaporean 100 guests from the industrial and commercial sectors, and local enterprises attended. A lot of major industrial cooperation projects were signed. On June 30th, the delegation made deep communication and seek for cooperative opportunities with representatives from Chinese chamber of commerce in Malacca and Malaysian famous enterprises during the Yancheng (Malaysia) Cooperation Conference. During the visit, the delegation inspected and visited 15 famous enterprises like Sembcorp and 8 government organs and commercial chambers. Nearly 30 talks were made during the visit to discuss about multi-field cooperation in port development, new energy, modern logistics, financing restructuring, consensus reached.
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