Basic Information of Yancheng
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Located to the north of Shanghai, bordering the Yellow Sea and in the middle of coastal Jiangsu Province, the City of Yancheng is one of the 13 cities under the direct administration of Jiangsu Province. It is also a major coastal city of Jiangsu Province, and the most vigorous modern business city to the north of Changjiang River Delta. Under the jurisdiction of Yancheng City, there is 1 county level city, which is Dongtai City; 5 counties, which are Jianhu County, Sheyang County, Funing County, Binhai County and Xiangshui County; and 3 districts, which are Yandu District, Tinghu District, and Dafeng District. There are also Yancheng Economic-Technological Development Zone and Chengnan New Area under the jurisdiction of Yancheng City. With a population of 8,285,000 and a total area of 17,000km2, Yancheng City is the largest city in area of Jiangsu Province and the second in population.

Yancheng City now has a completed urban area of 147 square kilometers, where 1,370,000 people live. The city has made a name for itself thanks to its rich resources of water and green landscape. In each season, people feel the distinct differences in Yancheng City, which is always green and full of natural beauty. Endowed with refreshing climate and picturesque environment, Yancheng City enjoys more than 300 days of excellent or good weather every year. With a background of blue sky and green landscape free of smoke in the sky and dust on the ground, Yancheng City is entitled one of ten cities for lung health in China. Yancheng City is also known as the city of 100 rivers because there are 119 stream channels in the urban area, with a total length of 308 km. Every stream channel is well managed. Convenient traffic, clean water, green landscape, and attracting natural beauty all fit into the description of Yancheng City. People of Yancheng City live adjacent to water, and tread on trails along the channel once coming out of their homes. In the urban area, there are more than 100 green parks; and the completed areas have a green coverage of 41%. No wonder Yancheng City is a national garden city. People in Yancheng City have gotten used to green outlooks through the window and nice views outdoors.

Yancheng City is making sustained efforts at improving its comprehensive supporting facilities, and is endeavoring to create a business environment for international businesses. We have built international schools, international hospitals and international communities. Our education tops the chart of Jiangsu Province. Basically, we have created opportunities for compulsory education evenly throughout the city, covering every county (city, district). The college admission rate of Yancheng Middle School enters the top 3 of Jiangsu Province. Yancheng Technician College of Jiangsu Province is a training base for China's vocational education students before they take part in international skills competition. Not only does Yancheng City possess a number of grade 3 class A hospitals, it also has established friendly medical cooperation with well-known medical facilities such as Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital and Jiangsu Province Hospital.

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